Classroom Posters

Not only do classroom posters help to create a welcoming and encouraging classroom environment, they also have the power to enhance student learning. A few relevant and purposeful posters displayed in the classroom can help students to use key vocabulary, apply important concepts and to problem solve - all of which contribute to students’ increased confidence and academic stamina.


3 Posters You Will Want in Your Classroom

  1. Inspirational and Growth Mindset Posters can contribute to a positive and motivating classroom environment for students. Inspirational quotes provide encouraging reminders for students that are feeling unfocused or stressed. And growth mindset posters help to boost students’ confidence and motivate them to continue working hard toward their goals. This can be especially beneficial as students tackle challenging tasks. Click this link for mindset posters to display in your classroom.
  2. Letters, Numbers and Shapes Posters are fantastic for preschool and early elementary classrooms. They help students to quickly recognize letters, numbers and shapes and to remember them long term. As students apply these concepts to more complex skills like reading and math, these posters provide quick reference back to concepts they have already learned.

Letters Posters

  1. Reading Posters are perfect for every grade. Library reading posters, reading genre posters, and reading corner posters can inspire students as they choose books for independent reading. Reading posters can also be more strategy or skill focused. This would include anchor charts, close reading posters, and reading comprehension posters.

Writing Process Poster

Classroom posters enhance student learning by providing words of encouragement and a quick visual reminder of the frequently used concepts and strategies they will need to apply in your classroom. Having a few relevant and purposeful posters displayed in your classroom will benefit your students both emotionally and academically. Click this link to see more classroom posters.