The Importance of Teaching Reading Skills to Young Learners

1 October 2022|CVC Words, Printables

Reading to your child regularly helps them develop beneficial skills and sets them up for academic success. Your child’s repeated exposure to books helps them develop their communication skills, numeracy skills, and, of course, their literacy skills. Repetition can be so valuable when teaching reading skills to young learners. The routine of family reading helps to promote family bonding, and fosters a positive relationship with learning. Here are some additional benefits of reading to your child, and teaching them reading skills: 

  • Critical thinking skills are developed - Reading to a child provides them with the background knowledge that they need to make sense of the world; asking open-ended questions highlights the themes and morals from the book in a way that helps them extract contexts to understand the world more.
  • Their imaginations are stimulated - It feeds their curiosity, allowing them to investigate new ideas and concepts.
  • Strengthens their social-emotional development - Children who are read to show less aggression, hyperactivity, and attention deficits. They learn to be more empathetic and compassionate by discussing the themes and morals in their favorite books.  
  • Supports emerging literacy skills - Helps them understand that symbols and words have meaning. They also begin to understand the rules of reading like reading from left to right, letter sounds, word pronunciation. Enagaging in activities that help kids build and spell letters can also be beneficial. 
  • Nurtures the parent-child bond - Your child understands that you want to spend time with them, which makes them feel special and important. The positive feelings they experience during these moments will help them to form a positive association with reading as well. 

Reading is a simple activity that has a huge impact on a child’s development. Routinely reading to your child, ensures that they have a positive relationship with learning. When a child has a positive learning experience, there are no limitations to the possibilities of their success!